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Proceedings from the 10th Pacific Science Inter-Congress in Guam

"Global Processes, Local Impacts: The Effects of Globalization in the Pacific-Asia Region". 2003. Session Proceedings, 10th Pacific Science Inter-Congress: Globalization in the Pacific and Asian Regions -- New Perspectives in the 21st Century, ed. by Lan-Hung Nora Chiang, John Lidstone, and Rebecca A. Stephenson. Mangilao, Guam and Honolulu, Hawaii: Graduate School and Research, Richard Flores Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center, University of Guam, and Pacific Science Association.

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Introduction: "The Many Faces of Globalization", by L.H. Chiang, J. Lidstone, & R.A. Stephenson

Chapter 1: "Congressional Politics and Congressional Science", by Congressman R.A. Underwood

Chapter 2: "Fostering a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Developments in the United States", by Mary Taylor Huber

Chapter 3: "Education About, In, For, Or Against a Globalized World: Power to the People or Devil Incarnate?" by John Lidstone

Chapter 4: "Helping Practices Among the Chamorro of Guam: Modernity, Merchandise and Money", by Lilli Perez Iyechad

Chapter 5: "Chamorro Ambivalence and Diaspora: Beyond U.S. Racial Formations", by Michael P. Perez

Chapter 6: "Occupation/Colonization/Globalization: You Name It, We've Got It; Hawai'i Has It All", by Marion Kelly

Chapter 7: "Ethnic Identity and Eco-tourism in a Rural Township in Taiwan", by Lan-Hung Nora Chiang

Chapter 8: "In Their Own Words: A Model of Independence", by Guei-ying LinOu

Chapter 9: "Globalization and Culture in Contemporary India: Tradition vs. Modernity", by Kirk Johnson

Chapter 10: "(De)-Globalization?: Indonesia Since the Crisis", by Graeme MacRae

Chapter 11: "Connecting Local and International, Exploring the Pressing Mongkii (Monkey) Issues of Ngeaur, Beluu er a Belau (Angaur, Republic of Palau)", by Kelly G. Marsh-Kautz, Leon Gulibert & Bruce P. Wheatley

Chapter 12: "Higher Education: A Globalizing Process", by Yukiko Inoue


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